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Frequently Asked Questions:


How does Private Phone Detective work?

Private Phone Detective’s unique and quick web crawler scans our hundreds of databases to find the most accurate tracer report possible. If by chance we cannot find a match within our own databases, we will connect with all of our partners’ databases to seek the information you request. With just one simple search, Private Phone Detective allows you to scan nearly every information database to track down that mystery phone number.


This can be compared to a private investigator, but it's much better because Private Phone Detective will get you results immediately for cheap, while a private investigator will ask you to wait for days and charge you much more money.


Does your service find mobile and unlisted phone numbers?

Yes! We understand that most searches that come through our system are phone numbersnot easily found in a phone book, such as mobile and unlisted numbers. Information about a mobile number's issuing location, carrier, and other details is available for almost all U.S. numbers. The availability of ownership details depends on whether the phone number is available in the used data sources.


How current is the data?

Much of what we access is from hard to find, public documents from local and major government sources (and many more). These sources are sometimes not always up to date, but most of our results are as accurate as possible.


Do your databases cover international phone numbers?

No. Our product is for U.S. customers and information only.


How much does this service cost?

It costs $1.95 for a 7 day trial, and then $9.95 per month thereafter unless canceled.For Billing questions, and/or to cancel your membership to the Private Phone Detective service, please call our payment processor, Allied Wallet at +1-888-255-1137 .


I cannot login, what should I do?

If you are having problems logging into your account, please go to the contact us page and send us a message. We will resolve the situation as soon as possible